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The KIND TO BIOME seal of quality is for science-forward brands that strive for skin and scalp microbiome-gentleness.

KIND TO BIOME offers accessible product-microbiome testing. Working closely with science-forward skin care, cosmetic and personal care brands, KIND TO BIOME assesses how individual ingredients and formulas influence the skin’s microbiome – the all-important skin health dimension.

Skin microbiome—the all-important dimension in skin health.

The KIND TO BIOME mark is for science-backed skincare brands that make skin microbiome-gentle products.
Our Work

On a mission to make all skin care, cosmetic and personal care products at least microbiome-gentle within the next 5 years.

As the skin microbiome era starts to unfold, KIND TO BIOME is here to support science-forward companies to change the way products are made. We offer accessible product-microbiome testing and assess the link between the skin microbiome and products.

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Some KIND TO BIOME approved products

Some science-forward brands we work with


Arabella Preston
”The KIND TO BIOME mark is a great way to educate consumers about the all-important skin microbiome”
Héloïse Le Levier
Research and Product Development Manager
IDUN Minerals
“At IDUN Minerals we are always looking to stay at the forefront of science. KIND TO BIOME enabled us to explore the skin microbiome space”
Pär Borgersen
Co-Owner and Business Development Director
Svenska Krämfabriken
“As a contract OEM, we collaborate with KIND TO BIOME to develop skin microbiome-gentle formulas”
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