KIND TO BIOME® is a new mark of assurance for products that are skin microbiome-gentle.

KIND TO BIOME®-marked products are science-based products that consider the health of the skin’s microbiome. They meet high standards of scientific assessment of skin microbiome impact. The KIND TO BIOME® mark recognizes products that are skin microbiome-gentle.

Currently KIND TO BIOME® has protocols that cover different product types: Face; Body; Scalp; Foot; Baby skin; Forehead and other sebaceous areas; Armpit and other moist skin areas; Hand (volar fore arm) and other dry areas; Intimate area; Nasal cavity; Oral; Palm of hand. The mark is also available for skin care ingredients manufacturers.

A modern seal - evidence of a product's skin or scalp microbiome-gentleness.

KIND TO BIOME® approved products

Interested in the KIND TO BIOME® mark assuring skin microbiome-gentleness?
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