KIND TO BIOME is a new mark of assurance for products that are skin microbiome-gentle.

KIND TO BIOME-marked products are science-based products that consider the health of the skin’s microbiome. They meet high standards of scientific assessment of skin microbiome impact. The KIND TO BIOME mark recognizes products that are skin microbiome-gentle.

Currently KIND TO BIOME has protocols that cover different product types: Face; Body; Scalp; Foot; Baby skin; Forehead and other sebaceous areas; Armpit and other moist skin areas; Hand (volar fore arm) and other dry areas; Intimate area; Nasal cavity; Oral; Palm of hand. The mark is also available for skin care ingredients manufacturers.

A modern seal - evidence of a product's skin or scalp microbiome-gentleness.

KIND TO BIOME approved products

Interested in the KIND TO BIOME mark assuring skin microbiome-gentleness?
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