Who is the KIND TO BIOME mark for?

For science-forward skin care, cosmetics and personal care companies (see specific product categories further down) that wish to work with the microbiome. The KIND TO BIOME mark is also for cosmetics ingredient manufacturers, as we can assess the influence of individual ingredients on the skin microbiome. This is aimed to support formulators in their work to develop more microbiome-gentle products.

How can I get the KIND TO BIOME mark for my products?

The licensing process is simple. Once the product(s) have passed the skin microbiome-gentle protocol, a licensing contract is concluded and the KIND TO BIOME mark license is issued. Contact us for more information.

How long can it take for companies to be issued with a license?

In a standard licensing process, it will take between 4 and 5 weeks until a company finally receives the go-ahead to use the KIND TO BIOME mark.

Why is it not enough to just read the list of ingredients?

Simply reading the list of ingredients provides little assurance as to whether or not a product is skin microbiome-gentle. One must take formulation into account, as various factors, such as type of preservatives, preservative boosters, pH level, fragrances, essential oils, and surfactants, can negatively impact the skin microbiome. If the final products are not tested for skin microbiome-gentleness, how can anyone claim the product is truly that?

On what basis are skincare products classified as “skin microbiome-gentle”?

Companies who want to license the KIND TO BIOME mark for a product are required to conduct our independent laboratory tests and meet our skin microbiome-gentle criteria. Meeting the KIND TO BIOME criteria means that the product does not disturb the skin microbiome. Thus, on the basis of positive independent laboratory tests skincare products can be classified as “skin microbiome-gentle”.

What steps are taken to ensure that companies continue to fulfil the criteria of the KIND TO BIOME mark?

To ensure that the credibility and benefits promised by the KIND TO BIOME mark are upheld, we carry out quality control measures. Any alterations to formulations or changes in the manufacturing of cosmetics products carrying the KIND TO BIOME® mark must be reported by the licensee. Once the licensee has reported such amendments, new laboratory tests are conducted.

What costs can companies expect to pay when licensing their products with the KIND TO BIOME mark?

The use of the KIND TO BIOME mark is subject to an annual licensing fee and a one-off laboratory testing fee. KIND TO BIOME has long worked to be able to propose an accessible protocol enabling change on a wider industry scale. Contact us for more information.

What type of beauty products can be KIND TO BIOME marked?

Since various areas of the skin hosts a different characteristic composition of bacteria, viruses and fungi, KIND TO BIOME offers different protocols for various skin areas. Currently KIND TO BIOME has protocols that cover the following product types:
• Face
• Body
• Scalp
• Foot
• Baby skin
• Forehead and other sebaceous areas
• Armpit and other moist skin areas
• Hand (volar fore arm) and other dry areas
• Intimate area
• Nasal cavity
• Oral
• Palm of hand

Is the KIND TO BIOME trademark protected?

The KIND TO BIOME mark is a registered trademark of Kind to Biome AB. Unauthorized use of the mark is strictly prohibited. Kind to Biome AB reserves the right to take legal action against any party that reproduces or copies the KIND TO BIOME Mark without prior authorization.

How can the KIND TO BIOME mark be used?

The mark must be used, unaltered, as provided by Kind to Biome AB. The mark can be displayed freely on packaging of approved product(s), marketing material and website as long as it is clear that only approved product(s) meet Kind to Biome’s criteria. The mark must not be used in a manner giving the impression that all of the brand’s products meet Kind to Biome’s criteria (unless all products indeed do so).

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