Our vision is to make all skincare products at least microbiome-gentle within the next 5 years.


At KIND TO BIOME we believe that skincare should meet a minimum standard of skin microbiome-gentleness. Our vision is to make skin microbiome-gentleness a baseline standard.

Our aim to achieve that is to work closely with science-forward brands and inspire the transformation of a whole industry towards skin microbiome-gentleness.

Skin microbiome-gentleness is the big shift. The end consumer does not associate beauty anymore with the short-term fixes of some cosmetics but rather with the concept of a long-term healthy skin. A healthy skin is becoming the embodiment of a beautiful skin.

Our mission is to help consumers make better informed choices for their skin when purchasing skincare products.


The number of skincare products with microbiome claims is rising and consumers have started recognising the importance of the skin microbiome.

The KIND TO BIOME mark provides consumers with dependable third-party assurance as to the skin microbiome-gentleness of products.

Interested in the KIND TO BIOME mark assuring skin microbiome-gentleness?
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