Cross-industry Microbiome Exploration with SKIN SERIES and the Textile x Microbiome Relationship.

At KIND TO BIOME, we're dedicated to highlighting the work of researchers and visionaries across various industries, in the microbiome space. Here, with a specific focus on textiles and apparel, we aim to showcase an innovative approach that leverages microbiome science to revolutionize product design and consumer experience. By exploring the synergies between different disciplines, we strive to inspire new perspectives and deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness between human health and the microbiome. 


The skin microbiome harbours billions ofmicroorganisms residing both on and within our bodies; the interspieces balance of the microbiota is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Interactions betweenthe wearer and clothing provide an opportunity for skin bacteria to adhere to textile surfaces, potentially fostering the growth of specific strains.1 Antimicrobial treatments which are commonly used in fashion and skincare products have the potential to disrupt this delicate balance, increasing the risk of skin sensitivity amongother conditions.2


The SKIN SERIES platform delves into the intricate relationship betweenclothing and the body, particularly focusing on the skin and textile microbiome. Rosie Broadhead, in an ongoing collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Chris Callewaert, now under the company PHIOME, exploresthe integration of encapsulated probiotic bacteria into clothing fibers, whichactivate upon contact with skin moisture. Clinical findings demonstrate theefficacy of these bacteria in combating body odor and enhancing skin health,serving as a sustainable alternative to traditional antimicrobial agents. 


1,2: The Future of Functional Clothing for an Improved Skin and Textile Microbiome Relationship by Rosie Broadhead, Laure Craeye and Chris Callewaert:

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